Welcome to the official page for Strange Wit! Stay tuned for updates about this book as they are available.


“My only complaint against Mrs. Bowles is that she publishes so infrequently. One would prefer larger quantities of her strange wit, thorny insight. Certainly she is one of the really original pure stylists.” – Truman Capote

“Although unknown to the general public, the Bowleses were famous among those who were famous.” – Gore Vidal

This original graphic novel is part biography, part literature adaptation. The biography will follow Jane’s life chronologically, and adapted works will be chosen to alternate with the main story in ways that lend insight to her complicated inner life. This book will mainly feature art from Beatrice Penco Sechi, and each adaptation of Jane’s work will feature a different guest artist, with a unifying color palette throughout.

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Email us at strangewitcomic@gmail.com

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