Jane’s Stories

Between chapters of Jane’s life, this book will feature short adaptations of her short stories with alternating artists, including:

A Day In The Open
with art from Dom Sole
Camp Cataract
with art from Betsy Peterschmidt (Boys with Wings)
A Guatemalan Idyll
with art from Ines Estrada (Ojitos Borrosos, Lapsos)
Everything is Nice
with art from Beatrice Penco Sechi (Lady Doll)
A Quarreling Pair
with art from Joshua Hixson (Rebel Gun)
Going to Massachusetts
with art from Anne Maxson (Indigoats)
A Stick of Green Candy
with art from June Vigants (Chainmail Bikini, Tales of the Night Watchman)
Plain Pleasures
with art from Ryan Kelly (Local)
with art from Adam Gorham (Zero, Kill Shakespeare)
The Iron Table
with art from Sean Von Gorman (Toe Tag Riot, Pawn Shop)

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